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Учебник (Student`s book):
Unit 1. My country at a glance
Lesson 1. Britain is more than London

Lesson 2. My image of image of Britain

Lesson 3. What are the British like?

Lesson 4. Discovering England

Lesson 5. What are your impressions?

Lesson 6. Are you proud of your country?

Lesson 7. What is your country like?

Lessons 8-9. What is your home-town like?

Lessons 10-11. My country at a glance

Unit 2. Is your country a land of traditions?
Lesson 1. waht do you know about British traditions?

Lesson 2. Do you know Miss Manners?

Lesson 3. We don’t know much about Americans? do we?

Lesson 4. How to keep the English happy

Lesson 5. How long is the British year?

Lesson 6. are celebrations important?

Lesson 7. Would you like to write a postcard?

Lesson 8. Giving and receiving gifts

Lessons 9-10. When in Russia…

Lessons 11-12. Test yourself

Unit 3. Do you like travelling?
Lesson 1. What are your travel habits?

Lesson 2. What to know before you go?

Lesson 3. Are you an adventurous traveller?

Lesson 4. How long does it take to travel round the world?

Lesson 5. Have you ever travelled to London?

Lesson 6. Do you feel like travelling?

Lesson 7. Do you always understand what other people say?

Lesson 8. What is your favourite travelling destination?

Lesson 9. What makes a good travelling?

Lessons 10-11. Test yourself

Unit 4. Are you a good sport?
Lesson 1. Highlights of sport

Lesson 2. I found myself in running

Lesson 3. Sport history

Lesson 4. The history of the Olimpic Games

Lesson 5. Games for everyone

Lesson 6. To watch to take part?

Lesson 7. How many PE lessons should there be at school?

Lesson 8-9. School sports day

Lessons 10-11. Sports mosaic

Unit 5. A healthy living guide
Lesson 1. Good and bad health habits

Lesson 2. My tips for staying healthy

Lesson 3. I haven’t been eating junk food for a long time

Lesson 4. A day’s wait

Lesson 5. facts and myths about your health

Lesson 6. Do you care about your health?

Lesson 7. Do you understsnd the instructions?

Lesson 8-9. If you are unhealthy who is responsible for it?

Lessons 10-11. Do you live a healthy lifestyle?

Lessons 12-13. Test yourself

Unit 6. Changing times, changing styles
Lesson 1. What was in fashion in the past?

Lesson 2. What do you know about streetwear?

Lesson 3. if I went to Britain…

Lesson 4. I wish I could wear jeans to school!

Lesson 5. Nobody wears things like that!

Lesson 6. Fashion victims… Who are they?

Lesson 7. Is Fashion important for you?

Lesson 8. You look fine! — Thank you

Lesson 9. Is shopping cool? is uniform cool for school?

Lessons 10-11. Do you care what to wear?

Lesson 12-13. Test yourself

Unit 1. My country at a glance

Unit 2. Is your country a land of traditions?

Unit 3. Do you like travelling?

Unit 4. Are you a good sport?

Unit 5. A healthy living guide

Unit 6. Changing times, changing styles